Sell A Partial Book

of Business

Sell Your Accounting Firm with Confidence!

Only looking to slow-down, go part-time and not ready hand off the torch?  Don’t know how to value your accounting firm?  Want to keep certain key-clients & slow down your volume?

You deserve a fair value for the years of hard work you put in – you build this nest egg & now it’s time to enjoy your golden years.    No more delaying reasons, no more tax seasons. 

Start your journey to a successful sale today.

Ready to secure your firm’s future?

Let our experts help you navigate your accounting firm’s sale process.

Our quality customer service aligns with your vision for a smooth transition

Our Process

Advisory Services

Advisory Services are an integral part of our business model, it’s the first step that will decide whether your business can be sold “as-is” or if there are factors that need to be addressed, prior to sale.

Business Valuation

At this point, we will talk about the set of procedures we use to estimate the economic value of a business. Here various valuation techniques are used by us to determine the price buyers & sellers are willing to pay in order to maximize value from individuals, businesses & partnerships.


Preparation for sale

Let’s talk about our planning for sale, only after a complete valuation of all the business assets.


Marketing and Advertising

Here we will create a strategy to get in front of qualified buyers who have the right personality fit & technical skills to take care of your clients.


Buyer Screening and Negotiations

After shortlisting qualified buyers we screen each to get an idea of why they want to pursue your firm.  Are they jumping the corporate ship?  Augmenting their own client list?   Starting from scratch?  Based on their motive, we can negotiate to offer you the best market value.

 All these services are provided while maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of your business.


Why Choose Us?

Let’s work together to find a mutual fit— let’s find the right person with integrity, personality & technical skill.  Small Business experience?  Big 4?  Corporate Big-Wig?

Experienced Analysts

Over the years, our highly-qualified and seasoned team has handled a number of successful mergers and acquisitions.  We analyze fair value in various markets and ensure all factors are considered: volume, location, time spent. 

Extensive Network of Buyers

Through constant networking, we have created a deep bench: a large base of potential buyers from multiple fields.  Our extensive network will be advantageous in acquiring the best buyers for your accounting firm.   Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accounts & MBA’s will be considered.

Customized Approach

Each firm is unique—the industries you serve, the mix between tax, advisory & bookkeeping.  Let’s match the right buyer who knows the industries you serve & the nuances within it.

Smooth Transition

It’s about the relationships you built over the years.  You watched everyone from newly minted lawyers to third generation florists start up from scratch and grow successful over the years.   They are part of your community.  These clients deserve a successor who will provide the same quality service, that you have provided over the years.  Nothing moves forward, unless you feel comfortable.